Selected Paint jobs and Design Projects from Danny Schramm

Bike RP01

Hi, my Name is Juljan Iversen and I run my custom shop „Ride-Parts“ in Hamburg, Germany for 5 years. Here, you can see my current project.
How did it get to this hot bike? It started 2016 with my vision, to build a show bike, which stir! For myself, I love the simple and old Chopper style, so for this motorcycle, I wanted that the bike is ridable for everyone. When I finished the project in my head, all the people around me said: „it would be an easy hardtail chopper project, which will not be noticed of anybody.“

My answer? F*CK YOU! Challenge accepted! To create this Bike, I disappeared for two months, day and night, in my workshop. To build a motorcycle, which renders the old chopper style despite current compliant and incorporating modern technology. After that, my bike went to Danny Schramm from SchrammWerk, the custom Painter of my confidence, with which I developed the concept for the painting.
What came out, is the perfect chopper for me.

Inhaber / Owner: Juljan Iversen

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